Our Philosophy and Warranty

At Yard Sale Lax Sticks, we understand this is an investment you want to protect. We are going to do everything we can to make it the best stick investment.  We want your experience to be a positive one and for you to use our products for years to come. Manufacturing quality controls do not always catch errors and that is not something the player or parent should pay for.  We know the high priced sticks have a different warranty and you pay for the possibility your stick may break. We have designed this policy based on how we would want to be treated.

How we will work with you during your purchase.**

We will give you a 40% discounted price from our regular site price ($64.75) on a new stick if it breaks within forty five (45) days of the purchase.

A coupon code will be issued and emailed to you.  Use this code when purchasing a new stick on the website.  This is a one time use coupon code for your replacement stick.

How to request a replacement stick.

  • You are automatically registered in our warranty program once you purchase a stick from us.
  • If the stick breaks with the first 45 days of the purchase, forward an email to info@yardsalelaxsticks.com include date and circumstances of the break, the order number of your original purchase and a picture of the broken stick.  Chips or cracks in the finish are part of normal use of a lacrosse stick.  This does not qualify as a broken stick.  The stick must be unusable.
  • The original order number will be compared to our records to confirm purchase date and owner.  This information along with photo will be reviewed to determine qualification for warranty.
  • We will email you a one (1) time use coupon code for a 40% discount on the purchase of a new stick.
  • Go to the website, www.yardsalelaxsticks.com and order a new stick.  Enter the coupon code at check out to receive a discount.  You will still be charged shipping and handling, along with sales tax, if shipped to MI.
  • Order processing and shipping will follow our normal process and you will receive your new stick in 3 – 5 business days.

** There are no other expressed or implied warranties or guarantees beyond those above. Breaking is the only terms for replacement. Shipping is at the cost of the recipient regardless of the timing of the time period and only one (1) replacement per stick order.