“My son has several mid-field sticks and by far the Yard Sale Lacrosse stick is his favorite.  After 3 years and several thousand shots later, we finally needed a new stick.  He didn’t want to look for anything else – we quickly ordered another Yard Sale Lacrosse stick.  You light weight, high strength sticks give a great feel with plenty of shooting action.  Keep up the good work.”

  • Jim – Parent Caledonia Middle School Lacrosse – July 2022

” I was searching around for an alternative to the overpriced carbon fiber shafts that are currently on the market. I came across Yard Sale Lax Sticks and decided to take a chance on them. I am glad I did. The shaft looks and feels great, I love the carbon fiber look with no graphics or paint that add extra weight with no extra benefit. I also really like that they offer multiple finish and grip options. As far as carbon fiber shafts are concerned, this shaft is a great value and performs the same or better as those that are double the price. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a carbon fiber shaft”

  • Trey Oaks, Coach – Grow the Game Louisiana, Goalie – Baton Rouge Redfish,  Player – NOLC Men’s Lacrosse Club – May 2021

“I’ve been using Yard Sale shafts since the company started and don’t plan on using a different shaft for playing or coaching going forward. They’re lightweight and give you a great feel for the ball in your head. Has withstood multiple cross check tests in field and box lacrosse settings. Same quality as the big brand composite sticks without paying the $30 to $80 markup for the sticker they slap on the shaft.”

  • Yevgeniy Gevorkyan, Calvin University Defensive Coordinator, Grand Rapids Grizzlies Coach – March 2021

“I have been using my Yard Sale Lacrosse shaft for 5 full seasons now between field and box lacrosse and it has held up great! You can’t beat the cost, and the quality of the shaft is amazing. This shaft is for everyone, whether you’re someone looking to spend less on a stick because you’re just starting out or you’re someone who has been playing for years. I highly recommend this product”

  • Bryan Larocque, General Manager, Grand Rapids Grizzlies

“I love how light the stick is. It has the same feel at sticks that I’ve spent $120+ on. The combination of the feel and lightness lets me get off a quick shot, or feed inside.”

  • Bryan Larocque, Davenport University/Windsor Clippers, Junior B Attack

“This is my second season with the stick. Outside of normal wear and tear, it has held up very well. It has taken all sorts of heavy checks from D-poles, but still maintained its structural integrity. You don’t see a shaft this light, lasting so long anymore.”

  • Jarred Riley, Davenport University/Windsor Clippers, Junior B Attack

“A big selling point for me it the shape of the shaft. It is not as contoured as some sticks, which gives me the right feel when facing off. Also, the rounded edges are easier on my gloves and keeps them intact, instead of ripping the palms. It’s all about being quick at face-off X, and this stick lets me clap or laser with ease.”

  • Joe Lopez, Davenport University, D-Mid/Face-off

“This shaft has an excellent combination of weight and the amount of flex. It lets me pull out from the outside with power, and gives me an excellent feel for the ball when finishing inside. As a dodger, it has taken a beating, but continues to perform.”

  • Dylan Riley, Davenport University/Orangeville Northmen, Junior A Attack

“This shaft gives me an excellent feel for the ball when dodging. It allows me know where the ball is when dodging. The lightweight lets me quickly free my hands for a shot on the run, or to move the ball to a teammate. The quality of stick at this price point is unbelievable. You get the same quality of stick for a much lower price.”

  • Jake Kovalcik, Davenport University, Midfielder

“As a defensive midfielder, I don’t get to handle the ball much, but when I do, the stick feels great. The stick holds up when I am backing contact, or someone is trying to back me down. Often sticks snap when they are used to drive offensive players down the alley, but it has held up very well. It doesn’t flex too much where I feel like it will snap, which allows me to stay on contact and not let up”

  • Cole Shuple, Davenport University, D-Mid

“As a dodging midfielder that likes to draw contact, I fully trust this stick will hold up in all situations. When getting into contact, I have had several checks thrown, but the stick has held up. I can get a quick shot off, or throw a quick BTB pass. A box player, normally lighter sticks wouldn’t hold up because of the physicality, but I fully believe this would be very useful during Box season”

  • Blake McDonald, Davenport University/Six Nations Arrows Junior A Minto Cup Champion, Midfield